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Our Services

CareOptima provides in-home care services by a home care aide such as: personal care / custodial care, companionship, medication reminders, meal preparation, and other miscellaneous errands. Our services are designed according to your specific needs.

Scope of Services

Services are delivered on an intermittent or continuous basis in the client's place of residence. Care and treatment is given according to the plan of care jointly established by the client, family, physician and the home care staff.

CareOptima Home Care office is located at 624 Matthews-Mint Hill Road, Suite 207, Matthews NC 28105. Our service area covers the counties of Mecklenburg, Union, Rowan, Cabarrus, Gaston, Anson, Davidson, and Forsyth in North Carolina.

Program Description

Initiation of Services

  1. Service starts only after our home care supervisor makes a final determination based on the initial assessment completed.
  2. Information obtained at the time of initial assessment may include, but is not limited to:
    1. Pertinent medical history
    2. Relevant physical findings
    3. Age-specific and gender-specific findings
    4. Prescribed and over-the-counter medications
    5. Problems, needs and strengths, and functional status
    6. Psychosocial status
    7. Nutritional status
    8. Home environment
    9. Education needs, including family and caregiver education
    10. Equipment present or needed
  3. The following information are provided upon initiation of service:
    1. Bill of Rights
    2. Program Philosophy and Purpose
    3. Scope of Practice / Services
    4. Hours of services, after hours and weekend availability of professional nurse and care service aides
    5. Admission Agreement
    6. Anticipated services, frequency of visits
    7. Initial plan of care
    8. Payment for services
    9. Program grievance procedure
    10. Emergency services
    11. Basic Home Safety Guidelines
    12. Cost of services
  4. Additional assessments beyond the scope of the initial assessment are determined by the following factors:
    1. Complexity of health condition
    2. Care preferences
    3. Need for specialized care
    4. Response to previous care

Plan of Care

  1. Our registered nurse develops an individualized Plan of Care in collaboration with you, your family, physician, and care service staff. This is based on the initial assessment and is updated on an ongoing basis.
  2. The Plan of Care defines specific care and services to be provided, frequency of visits, and expected duration of services.
  3. The Plan of Care is reviewed and revised as often as changes in your condition require. Staff promptly alerts the physician and family to these changes, and updates the Plan of Care accordingly.
  4. Specific tasks are carried out according to the Plan of Care and goals for service. Staff evaluates and monitors your responses to care, and makes recommendations or requests changes to reach established goals.
  5. The Plan of Care includes the following information:
    1. Type of services, frequency and duration of visits
    2. Specific care concerns
    3. Medications reminders
    4. Nutritional support
    5. Activities of daily living and functional status
    6. Discharge plans and instructions
    7. Medical supplies, appliance, durable medical equipment
    8. Any specific observation or items appropriate to condition or needs
    9. Life enrichment program participation
  6. Changes in condition are reflected by the following:
    1. Additions or revisions to the problem list or goals
    2. Conference or visit documenting discussing rationale for change

In-home Aides and Other Support Services

The Home Care Wellness Program is designed to provide emotional and physical support to the client and his/her family, encourage independence and allow the client to remain in his/her home for a longer time.

The primary functions of the In-home Aide is to assist in caring for client and families in a home setting, by providing personal care services (i.e., bathing, assisting with activities of daily living, companionship), assisting the professionals with provision of the therapeutic regimen, and providing related home management and light housekeeping (such as food preparation, laundry, or maintaining cleanliness of the client's environment). The activities he/she may perform are included in the client's goal-directed plan of care developed by the professional staff. The professional staff assigns and supervises all activities.

For questions or concerns regarding CareOptima Services please contact us.

Schedule a Free Consultation

We would be happy to accommodate you for an assessment. Simply click on the link below, and fill out the form.

Free Consultation & Assessment

Billing / Payments

CareOptima bills client and/or responsible party directly for services provided. Each billing statement gives an amount of time services were provided by staff. Clients participating in this program will receive charges on a monthly billing statement.

Your Rights

Each CareOptima client receiving home care services has the right to:

  1. Be informed about, and participate in the Plan of Care;
  2. Voice grievances regarding care without being subjected to discrimination or reprisal for doing so;
  3. Be assured of confidentiality of records;
  4. Be informed of liability for payment for services; and,
  5. Receive services only after written consent.